“Great American Dream Road Trip” — Preview – Part IV

We left you on “Day 36, Aug 4th, stranded in Seattle, WA and trying to figure out out next move.  Well we decided to go to Olympia, the state capitol.  Now some of you may have been thinking we would head to Tacoma first.  Well whereas we will be passing through Tacoma our stop for the night will be in Olympia.  We’re not sure of the time we may have to leave Seattle to arrive in Olympia by 8pm but I’m sure one of the locals will help us out there.

We will get up early on “Day 37, Aug 5th, (my younger brother’s birthday), and do the state capitol thing.  Sometime during the day I will give my brother a “happy birthday” call and remind him that he was the original one who was to go on this trip 42 years ago.  But no, he had to fall in love and couldn’t spend the summer away from his girlfriend.  We should try and get out of town by 5pm so we might make our next destination, Port Townsend, by 8pm.

Now any of you who may be following us on a map or who are familiar with the area would know that we just headed back north.  If Olympia is about 90 miles southwest of Seattle, than Port Townsend would be about 25 miles northwest of Seatlle and probably the same distance or so from Victoria, BC, CA.  Port Townsend sits on the far northeastern side of a peninsula that consist primarily of Olympic National Park.  You will also find a few state parks and a lot of local Native American sites.  I’m expecting this to be one of my personal favorites of the trip.  Hopefully I will not be disappointed.

After spending the night in Port Townsend we will spend “Day 38″, Aug 6th, just bumming around the area then plan on an early start on “Day 39″, Aug 7th and spend a leisurly day taking in the sites as we head west to the Pacific Coast.  We will be spending the night somewhere under the stars, weather permitting, on a beach or who knows where.

“Day 40″, Aug 8th, assuming we survived the night, we will again get an early start to make a leisurly drive south to a place called Grays Harbor.  No idea of what we may find or where we may be staying but the fact remains, we will be staying somewhere along Grays Harbor.

Plans are to leave the Harbor sometime in mid-afternoon of “Day 41″, Aug 9th.  Taking our time we will head southeast to Portland, OR. where we will spend all of “Day 41″, Aug 10th, taking in the sights.  Someone once told me it was “worth a peek even without beer”.

While there we will try to take in Powell Butte Park where I understand some of the views are breath taking.  If time allows we might drive out of the way to a place called Multomah Falls.  Again a place that comes highly recommended…

After a good night’s sleep we will get up on “Day 42″, Aug 10th and head on over to Salem and do our state capitol thing.  We will be spending the night in Salem and looking for some nightlife if there is such a thing.  The next “Day 43″, Aug 11th, we will leave shortly after breakfast and again head west over to the Pacific Coast and a little town called Neotsu.  There is a campground called Devils Lake RV Park where we will spend the night.

On “Day 45″, Aug 12th we will be heading south along the Oregon Coast thru a bunch of small beach towns.  Oun intention is to make it to Coos Bay by nightfall.  This may not happen as it might just be impossible to cover 120 miles or so of such beautiful coastline without getting caught up in the beauty.  If we have to spend an extra day to enjoy it than so be it.  The trip allows for 7 days or so for unforeseen things.  We already used up one of those days in Montana one in Oregon may be expected.

But as it goes we might just be in Coos Bay by nightfall and than get an early start on “Day 46″, Aug 13th, where we will cover the southern part of the Oregon coastline down to Crescent City CA.  While here we will viist the Battery Point Light House and start looking for the giant Redwoods.  From what I found on the net they should be pretty plentiful in this area.  We will spend the night and leave around noon on “Day 47″, Aug 14th.  We will travel south to Eureka keeping our eyes peeled for Redwood sights along the way.

“Day 48″, Aug 15th, and the final day of this preview will find us visiting Redwood National Park, along with the Avenue of the Giants and if time allows maybe The End of the Trail Native American Museum.

This concludes Preview IV and we are now at the halfway point of our trip.  Stay tune next Sunday as we begin our journey on the downhill side.



About Rick

A senior who has traveled a lot of this great country. Not as a trucker or traveling salesman, but as an adventurer born in the wrong century. I am blessed with a wife who has come to accept my carefree lifestyle and takes an active part in our travels.


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    Once again I am both impressed and envious

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  10. I am very interested about road trip in america.the state capitol olympia is amazing.I think Port Townsend is nice place for spending night.Redwood National Park,Crescent City CA,Grays Harbor,Crescent City CA these are also amazing for tour.I must tune your next article about this tour.

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  14. I wish I could come!!!! After reading this i think it is going to be so much fun. I never got the chance to visit such kind of different beautiful place……

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  15. wow, that’s a great trip you have been .i love your photos and the journey you have traveled.. wish i also could be there :( :( love you writing Rick hope to see u in action soon again.

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