“Great American Dream Road Trip” — Preview – Part VI

Welcome back to our “Great American Dream Road Trip”, Pt VI.  Today being “Day 61″, Aug 28th and we are almost two thirds of the way through.  While in Santa Monica we most likely went to cruise Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.  Being a big Dean Martin fan I can only guess I would have at least drove by his restaurant at “77 Sunset Strip.”  You read right, his restaurant was the place where, (if you are old enough), you would see Kookie running that comb thru his hair.  The actual address was 8532 Sunset Strip but during the filming of the TV series it took on a different address.  How would that song have went with 8532?

Back to “Day 61″, we are heading into Pasadena.  Again we will spend two nights to allow enough time to take in some more of the LA area.  (Not Disneyland).  Should we arrive in Pasadena by noon we will attempt to join the locals and visitors alike at a brown bag lunch at the Gamble House.  This house was designed and owned by the Gamble side of Proctor & Gamble.  It is now owned and operated by the city of Pasadena.

On “Day 63″, Aug 30th, we will get back on “old 66″ and head to Barstow.  While in Barstow we may try and take the time to visit the “Route 66 Mother Road Museum”.  We will spend the night and leave on “Day 64″, Aug 31st, (which just happens to be my wife’s birthday) heading east on 66 crossing over into AZ where we will spend the night at a place called the Sunrise RV Park.  I’m sure she will find this quite romantic…  Hmmm, maybe she won’t.  Oh well, I guess if we added a few of those option days coming down the coast we may actually have been spending her birthday in Pasadena.

From what I can gather there will be many photo ops along the way to Sunrise.  Things such as Needles, CA and the Colorado River or the Old Trails Arch Bridge that spans the Colorado and use to be used to move traffic from AZ to CA.  It now just houses power lines and sorts…

Before we get to Sunrise we will have traveled thru a town called Oatman where the burros actually have the freedom to wander where ever.  Guess we will have to be careful of where we step.  Also we will be going through Kingman.  We may actually spend the night in Kingman instead of the RV park.

The following “Day 65″, Sep 1st will find us again heading northeast through a bunch of small towns and up thru to the Grand Canyon.  I’m sure we will at least stick around for the sunset before heading into Sedona.  Arriving late we won’t have time for anything but bed.  The next “Day 66″, Sep 2nd, we shall take in some sights of Sedona and than head over to Prescott for a gunfight or such and than arrive in Phoenix again just in time to hop into bed.

I have been in Sedona, Prescott, and Phoenix before.  Since Sue hasn’t been there we will make the decision at that time to spend an extra day either at Sedona or Phoenix.  As of now the plans are to spend the night of “Day 66″ and the next night, “Day 67″, Sep 3rd, at some B&B in Phoenix.  We will get up early on “Day 68″, Sep 4th, and head back north again to a place just north of Sedona called Walnut Canyon.  So as not to backtrack on the same roads that brought us to Phoenix, we will be heading north on Rt 87 through such places as Sunflower, Hellsgate Wilderness, Fossil Springs Wilderness, and Happy Jack.  Assuming we survive we should reach Walnut Canyon by sunset.

On “Day 69″, Sep 5th, we will head north to Page, AZ and Lake Powell along the AZ, UT border.  We will be spending the night there and the next “Day 70″, Sep 6th,  we will rent a boat and explore Lake Powell.  I’m looking forward to this as I heard so much about the place.

I was just informed by the boss, my wife, that we will definitely be spending two option days on the coast as she will NOT be spending her birthday at an RV park.  Go figure.  Well since we did spend two of our option days that means that we are now on “Day 72″, Sep 8th, which brings us to the end of our Part VI preview.  We will pick up again in a couple of days with preview VII beginning in Utah.  Until then, “happy trails to you, until we meet again”.