“Great American Dream Road Trip” — Preview – Part II

Welcome back to Part II of our “GADRT”. When we left you we were in Fargo, ND. Assuming I survived the “wood chipper”, Beginning where we left off on “Day 12″, July 11th, we will be leaving Fargo and heading west I94 arriving in Jamestown, ND around 8pm. For a small town, Jamestown looks to have enough to offer to keep us busy the following day. Home of the world’s largest Buffalo and from what I read a few white buffalo also. We may try to spend a little time at a place called “Frontier Village” and plan on leaving on “Day 13″, July 12th around 5:30pm.

After another 100 miles or so along I94 West we hope to arrive in Bismarck, ND by 8pm. Again we will be there primarily to photograph the “Capitol Building”. One of our goals along to way is to photograph as many of the capitol buildings we can. The only states we will be passing through where we will not visit the capital is SD, ID, UT, TX, AR, and MO. Of course we have been to Salt Lake City and have lived in Austin. The rest will have to wait for another trip. We will leave Bismarck the following afternoon on “Day 14″, July 13th, around 3:30pm. We will be heading NW and will cross over Audubon Lake and Lake Sakakawea and to a little town called New Town, ND. We should be there by 8pm or so.

During “Day 15″, July 14th, we will visit the Fort Berthold Indidan Reservation and the “Three Affiliated Tribes Museum”, where we will learn the history of the Manda, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes. If time allows we may donate some of our money to the “4 Bears Casino”. Probably sometime around 6pm we will be on the road again heading west to a town called Williston, ND, a town the railroad built, and hopefully arriving around 8pm.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to see or do in Williston, we will be departing on “Day 16″, July 15th around noon. We will be travelling SW into Montana where we will do a short visit at Fort Union and Fort Buford along the upper Missouri River and then head on into a town called Sidney, MT. There we will most likely find a place to eat dinner before heading south to Glendive, MT. Guessing we will arrive between 8 and 9pm.

Our plans are to spend all of “Day 17″, July 16th in Glendive. During that day we will be visiting Makoshika State Park. Makoshika is Sioux for the bad lands. Before the Sioux, the dinosaurs roamed but now it is the home of eagles, vultures, and deer. We could use some help here from our readers on any suggestions for the area. We will leave on “Day 18″, July 17th, and drive liesurely in a SW direction following the Yellowstone River. Probably we will spend some time in Miles City, MT before heading on down to “Little Big Horn”.

After spending the night somewhere near Hardin we will do some exploring of the area on “Day 19″, July 18th and leave around 5pm which should put us in Billings, MT around 6pm. Since Billings is the largest city in MT we will spend a free “Day 20″, July 19th there. What we will be doing is still up in the air. I’m hoping for suggestions here. We will probably cut out around 5pm or so on “Day 21″, Jul 20th, with hopes of being in Bozeman by 8pm.

If our bodies will allow us we will be doing the historical walking tours through Bozeman on “Day 22″, July 21st. They have nine historical districts and we will walk until we can walk no further and than take a taxi back to our B&B. After I crawl back up into the van we will again be off hopefully by 6pm and heading to our next adventure, Butte, MT.

We should arrive in Butte around 8pm. The purpose of these 8pm arrivals is to give me time to update the blog. I will be trying to do that as often as allowed. Of course a lot of that will depend not only on the time but actual internet service. I understand that Butte, MT still has an old “Chinatown”. Not much in comparison to say, San Francisco or New York but still may be worthy of a quick visit on “Day 23″, July 22nd. We will keep ourselves occupied and again head out around 6pm so we can be in Helena, the Capital, by 8pm.

“Day 24″, July 23rd, will be spent visiting the “Capitol Building” and wandering around the “not-so-big” downtown area. Keeping with our schedule we will leave the area around 6pm. We should arrive in Great Falls, MT by 8pm or so.

This concludes Part II of the “Great American Dream Road Trip”. I want to thank all who have emailed me with thoughts and suggestions of places to visit on the first leg of our trip. Keep on passing those suggestions on either by way of comments on the posting or via email to Rick@CarTripsUSA.com … Again, thanks for all your help and keep watching for Part III which should be posted no later than May 13th.